Take this Friends TV Show quiz to find out who should you travel with

Which Friends Character Should You Travel With?

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If you’re a hard-core Friends fan, you have probably noticed that there were several scenes in the show when the cast would travel somewhere and find themselves in all sorts of funny situations. So have you ever wondered…. if you could…. which Friends character should YOU travel with? TAKE THE QUIZ TO FIND OUT, and share your results!

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When I am about to travel, I get overly excited about the place I'm about to visit. I just love traveling!

I don't really like taking photos when I travel. I prefer enjoying it all with my eyes and mind.

I am so organized when I travel. I make a checklist to make sure I have brought everything I needed, and I always pack neatly and perpendicularly.

friends quiz

I take stuff from hotel rooms like shampoos, or conditioners... I mean, I've paid for them, right?

I'm totally down to party when I'm on vacation!

When I'm on vacation, I'd drink pretty much 24/7!

I find myself in all sorts of romantic situations when I'm away.

What do you do to kill time on a plane?

When you're experiencing a new culture, do you find yourself completely immersed into it?

Lastly, what is your dream destination?

Which Friends Character Should You Travel With?
Joey - Step in the Map Kinda Traveler

Take this Friends quiz to find out which friends character should you go on a trip with!

You love taking selfies at the new place you visit, and you get all hyped up about traveling. That's why Joey would be your perfect travel buddy! You both love learning about the new culture and you're not afraid of stepping into the map when you get lost. In Joey's case - that's quite literally. Plus, you're both down to parteeeey, drinking, crashing parties, hooking up... you name it! On the other hand, you're both responsible and will take care of your drunk friends (or even try to stop them get married). Playing in the sand and digging holes while on the beach is one of your favorite things ever! That's why you should go to somewhere on the seaside... or London, baby!
Chandler - The No-Selfies Chan Chan Man

You're a low-key explorer. You like strolling around uninterrupted and at your own time pace. That's why Chandler and you would totally hit it off! Plus, you both prefer enjoying the moments than taking selfies all of the time. You're not that much into buying touristy stuff, such as hats (a hint at Joey), but you're definitely into taking spontaneous trips. Even so, you wouldn't mind just relaxing and watching TV, or spending time on the beach. That's why you guys should visit any of the cool European cities. Or chill at the hotel in New Jersey and watch s a high-speed car chase on TV.
Rachel - The Spontaneous French Gal

Rachel is your spirit animal. France (particularly Paris) has always been a dream of yours. Besides, you're so easygoing, that you would travel anywhere your friends would like to go. On the plane, you like talking to or having fun with your friends or any person sitting right next to you, even if they don't seem like it (hey dr. House, not cool)! You love to drink, party, play cards, and be as goofy as you can. You're not that organized, though. Sometimes you might forget an important document, like your passport, or you might pack just before your flight. But you're adventure-ready and that's the most important thing!
Ross - The Economical Party Maniac

Just like your pal Ross, you're the one to take all the value for the money. Those little soap, conditioners, shampoos that the hotel offers? Yours to take! Those coffee cups, sleeping pillows (or blankets), socks.... you pack them right with you. Hey, you paid real money for it, haven't you? While on the one side you're highly economical and won't leave your room before specified checkout time, you're also the one to goof on the plane and down to party and drink! And age doesn't matter. If your gang is up for it, you'll spend your nights running thru the hotel lobby. Fun! Since Ross is a pro when it comes to acquiring stuff from hotels and knows Vermont so well, we suggest you guys hit it off there!
Monica - Organized Gambler in Cornrows

Oh man, you would pack everybody if you could. I mean, you're O-R-G-AN-I-Z-E-D to your very core! You have your travel checklist with you, making sure everything is packed right and perpendicularly. For the flight, you will arrive two, or even three hours prior. You're not the one to be late! But, there is a fun side to you for sure. You love going to the beach and suntanning (just beware of those jelly stings, yikes). You enjoy hotel fun activities such as table tennis or gambling. There's also no saying no to margaritas! And you love surprising your significant other or planning a trip with them or for them. Aaaaanyway, since Monica is your travel buddy, you guys could go anywhere together and it will for sure be fun... and organized. Anything tropical, like Barbados or Aruba, would rock. Just beware of the humidity... that bitch...
Phoebe - Drunken Phalange

If you could, you would travel in a full-body cast or 9-months pregnant, as that's how much you love traveling! The quirky Phoebe would be your best travel bud. You two could be drinking from the early morning and she wouldn't judge. Heck, she'll be the first one to start it! I mean, she is on vacation! She would be down for any kind of a trip, as long as it includes her favorite people. And she's there for you if you have a fight for your significant other, or to protect you from granny lurkers trying to steal your slot money. You should totally go to Las Vegas! I mean... what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

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